Brownlow House gets boost

David Martin and Carla Lockhart.
David Martin and Carla Lockhart.

Brownlow House has been given a £20,000 funding boost for a shared education programme.

DUP Assembly candidate Carla Lockhart said she had secured the funding through the Communities Department for an extension of the very successful education scheme.

The programme, she said, gives school children from all over Upper Bann an insight into the history of Brownlow House.

The current education scheme will be extended to include youth groups in the area such has been the success of the current programme of events, she added.

Ms Lockhart said, “I am delighted that this programme has received the funding to continue and be extended.

“I want to thank my party colleague Paul Givan, the Minister of Communities for his interest in this and being able to provide the funding.

“This is real delivery from the Executive and will make a positive impact on the lives of young people in the area.

“It is important that we learn about our history and the historic significance of buildings across Northern Ireland.

“I want to commend scheme co-ordinator David Martin and the rest of the Friends of Brownlow House for all their efforts in preserving and promoting the Castle.

“Over £300,000 has been secured in the past few years and I am delighted to have worked closely with those in charge to help secure this finance.”