Brownlow House given funding for staff member

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An additional £40,000 in funding has been secured for Brownlow House, which will see the appointment of a new staff member.

DUP Councillor Carla Lockhart welcomed the news, which will also see a programme of educational activities that will promote the heritage, history and culture of Brownlow House and the newly opened American Troops Museum.

This money has been secured via the OFMDFM Good Relations Funding stream.

Cllr Carla Lockhart said, “When I entered local politics in Lurgan I recognised the significance and potential that Brownlow House had situated right in the heart of our town.

“It is alive with history and heritage and is a jewel that sets our town apart from others. The tourism potential is huge and is slowly but surely being untapped by the many volunteers and workers at the Castle.”

“I recognised the need for investment and was delighted to bring forward and secure £130k in the earlier part of the year for the creation of the American Troops museum telling the story of the Americans when they were stationed in Brownlow House. This has been a fantastic asset to the House and one that must be used to attract tourists from all over the world.

“I recognised the need for additional funding that would see a point of contact, an employee located in Brownlow House dedicated to the museum and the promotion of a shared, inclusive space particularly through good relations work. I set about investigating possibilities and was delighted to be successful in securing this £40k through OFMDFM, Good Relations funding.”

The £40k will see the appointment of Mr David Martin, a stalwart within the house, to the role of Project Manager and responsible for meeting the good relation targets.

Carla said: “David has worked alongside myself and our new MLA Emma Pengelly to achieve this £40k. This project will be aimed specifically at children and young people and will ensure the creation of an educational programme which will engage with all the local schools. This I believe will... help secure financial draw down for the completion of the family wing within the House.”

Stephen Moutray MLA commended those involved in securing the money.