Building better health awareness among construction workers

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CONSTRUCTION on the new £12.3m project at Craigavon Hospital are taking off their hard hats and attending Men’s Health and Wellbeing Awareness sessions.

The workers who are refurbishing the four main Theatres are going as part of a specially tailored programme to improve their health and wellbeing.

The Men’s Health and Wellbeing Programme was developed by the Southern Trust in partnership with Farrans Healthcare (the main contractor on the Theatres 1-4 refurbishment project), as part of the Build Health NI, a joint venture scheme between the construction industry in Northern Ireland and HSENI.

The programme began in October 2012 and so far, there have been 5 health awareness sessions. A variety of topics have been covered including: alcohol/drug misuse, cancer and sexual health. The final event is due to take place in December 2013.

Nicky Hayes, Southern Trust Planning Officer who developed the Men’s Health & Wellbeing Programme said the aim of the programme is ‘to raise awareness of a number of health-related issues in order that improvements can be made to the overall health and wellbeing of everyone working on this refurbishment project.

“We want to encourage everyone to adopt a healthier lifestyle,” he said.

Nicky added: “The Trust and the contractors are committed to helping the construction staff to make healthier lifestyle choices and the Trust was more than happy to share its health and wellbeing knowledge with the construction workers.”

Glenn Gilmore, Farrans Project Manager, is one of those attending the Health Awareness sessions. He said: “I think we all appreciate getting advice and information from the health professionals in the Trust. Construction workers have learned a lot from attending these sessions and getting this information during the working day was really convenient.”