Burglary victims get helping hand

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CRAIGAVON Community Safety Partnership is offering recent victims of burglary across the Borough a free pack of crime prevention products to help them feel safer in their home and reduce their fear of this type of crime.

Funded by the Criminal Confiscation Receipts (Assets Recovery) each pack includes a personal alarm to make you feel safe when out and about, a timer switch to turn lights or a radio on and off when out in order to make homes look occupied, a door alarm handle plus other practical items to prevent burglary.

This Criminal Assets Recovery Funding is provided to the Department of Justice from money and assets seized by the police and is seen as using criminal funding to help victims of crime.

Cllr Robert Smith, Chairman of the CCSP, said: “Although incidents of domestic burglary within the Borough are relatively low, it’s vital that people take precautions to prevent opportunist criminals.

“Simple steps such as making sure doors are locked and windows are closed could mean the difference between leaving your home open to burglars and preventing such a crime from taking place. An open window or door is an invitation to your home – so don’t let burglars take advantage of this.”

PSNI Craigavon Area Commander, Chief Inspector Anthony McNally urged the community to be vigilant of this type of crime and report any suspicious activity in their local area.

He said: “People living in their own communities know their areas much better than anyone else. They know when something is out of place or doesn’t feel right.

“I would encourage anyone who notices anything suspicious to report it immediately to police.

“This provides us with the best opportunity to investigate and collect evidence if a crime has occurred. The number to phone is 0845 600 8000.”

For further information, contact Lynette Burke on 38312529 or email lynette.burke@craigavon.gov.uk.