Disappointment as job losses not mentioned

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A LOCAL COUNCILLOR has expressed his disappointment after 50 job losses failed to get a mention at Monday night’s meeeting of Craiagvaon Council.

The job losses at BDG failed to get a mention during the Mayor’s opening announcements.

Commenting after the meeting, Councillor Colin McCusker said, “Given that this story made the front page of the Lurgan Mail, I found it surprising and deeply shocking that these job losses were not acknowledged in the Council chamber on Monday night.

“Various people and organisations were congratulated on recent achievements and rightly so, and the violence in the Drumbeg area was also condemned.

“However, the closure of BDG failed to make the agenda, and after two months as a councillor I fail to understand why no-one wished to raise it. I had every intention of commenting on this matter, but I can only do so if the subject is raised in the first instance by the chair.

“It struck me that given the minister responsible for enterprise and investment is Arlene Foster, that Maybe the DUP group on Craigavon Council wished to brush this important matter under the carpet. This area has a DUP MP, two MLAs and nine Councillors and I’m sure those people directly affected by this closure are wondering what lobbying the DUP are doing on their behalf to help bring employment to Craigavon.”