Green light for ‘slowest bypass ever’ says MLA

PLANNERS have given the green light to extend Millennium Way from Malcolm Road to Gilford Road.

One MLA welcomed the decision, but commented it could become the slowest bypass ever.

The plan is to provide a 500-metre long single, two-lane carriageway with associated footpaths and cyclepaths from Malcolm Road to Gilford Road. The roadworks would also see new signalised four-arm junctions at Malcolm Road and Gilford Road.

DUP MLA Stephen Moutray said he was relieved the plan was still on the table adding that Lurgan people have waited 40 years for Millennium Way to be completed.

He continued: “One concern I would have is with the new signalised four-arm junctions. You already have signalised junctions at Edward Street and Union Street, with two more you could end up with the slowest bypass ever and people will still use the town centre.”