‘Grown men left in tears’ as axe falls

Michael Blades. INLM132-899ca
Michael Blades. INLM132-899ca

GROWN men were reduced to tears on the factory floor as it was announced that long-standing firm BDG has gone into liquidation.

Michael Blades, who has been with the firm since he was 17-year-old, said everyone was ‘gutted’.

The 43-year-old, speaking on Tuesday, said he is still ‘shell-shocked’ by the news.

“We just came in on Monday morning and told to just go home,” he said.

“There are some people there with 30 and 35 years service.

“I started when I was 17 straight from school. I have no idea what to do now. I have never seen the inside of a bru office,” said Mr Blades.

“Yesterday they washed their hands of me. I feel very bitter,” said Michael who has two daughters and two grandchildren.

From Twinem Court, Michael said he was like many in BDG who worked hard to pay their mortgage and support their families.

“It happened so quickly. We were just told to get your stuff and get out. It was the manner in the way it was done. I was shell-shocked, especially after 26 years loyal service,” said the process worker.

Michael said he will get paid till the end of the week but already has been trawling the employment agencies to try and find work.

“Everyone is gutted. There were grown men in tears,” he said.