Jobs boost for local company

ESL at Silverwood Industrial Park. INLM4911-148gc
ESL at Silverwood Industrial Park. INLM4911-148gc

AROUND 20 jobs could be created by a Lurgan-based firm in the coming years, it has been announced.

Enterprise Stationery Ltd, which is based in Silverwood, is investing £646,000 to develop its business over the next three years by expanding its work force.

The company, which manufactures and supplies bespoke filing stationery, currently employs 88 people.

Invest NI offered support of £60,000 from its Jobs Fund.

Paul O’Neill, Managing Director of Enterprise Stationery, said: “We want to increase our market share by providing a solutions based approach to meet client needs for electronic traceability, whilst providing the traditional filing capability.

“To diversify and develop our product range and marketing activities we need more staff.

“We’ve been very pleased with the quick and easy process of applying for, and receiving, assistance to create these new jobs through Invest NI’s Jobs Fund.”

Alastair Hamilton, Invest NI’s Chief Executive, said the investment would open up more opportunities for the company.

Simon Dowey, of Lurgan Chamber of Commerce, welcomed the announcement.

“Retaining and expanding local jobs is key in boosting the local economy,” he said.

“We welcome any investment into the town, so this is certainly good news.”

Local politicians have all voiced praise for the company.

SDLP Loughside councillor Joe Nelson said: “We welcome this announcement from Enterprise Stationery at a time when there is so much doom and gloom on the jobs front.

“It is well recognised that small and medium sized businesses will be the backbone of the recovery, and it is refreshing to see a local company investing in jobs when many others are cutting back.

“We also recognise the part played by Invest NI in helping to secure this investment.”

DUP MP David Simpson said: “This is a very welcome announcement following on from previous announcements of new jobs coming to the area.

“Along with the rest of the UK Northern Ireland is going through very difficult economic circumstances currently and every investment and new job announcement is to be welcomed by all.”

He added: “This investment and jobs announcement is confirmation of its commitment to continued excellence and to the local work force.”

UUP MLA Sam Gardiner said he “warmly welcomes” the job boost.

“Increasing jobs incrementally like this, rather than in big numbers, is a much more secure way of creating and retaining more employment,” said Mr Gardiner.

“I wish them well with their expansion and hope that everything goes well.”

Sinn Fein MLA John O’Dowd congratulated the Silverwood-based company.

“That Enterprise Stationery Ltd is in a position to create twenty new jobs in the midst of an economic recession is very good news and a major boost for the local economy,” he said.

“This firm has adopted a positive and innovative approach to building their business, and the fact that Invest NI is willing to invest £60,000 through its Jobs Fund is of itself a stamp of approval for that approach.”

He added that the company’s “success should serve as an inspiration to others”.