Little Gizmo proves a big hit on campus

April Cromie with her pet lamb, Gizmo, in class at Greenmount
April Cromie with her pet lamb, Gizmo, in class at Greenmount
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Every one knows that it was Mary who had a little lamb, right? Well anyone around Lisburn may be able to put you right on that.

Nineteen year old student veterinary nurse April Cromie is becoming a common sight in the city’s Sloan Street as she walks her pet lamb, Gizmo.

Getting through the dreaded paperwork at Lisburn Veterinary Clinic.

Getting through the dreaded paperwork at Lisburn Veterinary Clinic.

Gizmo, a Texel cross, was a Valentine’s Day gift from April’s boyfriend, Jack McBride.

However, it is fair to say the little lamb has stolen the hearts of everyone he comes into contact with.

As April, from Dollingstown, explains, Gizmo is really making his mark.

“Gizmo was a gift from my boyfriend who bought him for me as a Valentine’s present,” said April. “I was really surprised when I got him but delighted at the same time - he really is great.”

Gizmo taking a nap

Gizmo taking a nap

Gizmo has been on his travels paying visits to April’s work at Lisburn Veterinary Clinic and also joining her at Greenmount.

So what did April’s friends think of Gizmo?

“I think at first they thought I was bit daft, but once they saw him and the way he behaves they really liked him,” she added.

April maintains Gizmo is very much like a normal pet, but when you’re a lamb with your own Facebook page and lots of followers surely that sets this four-legged friend apart from his peers?

“He really loves attention and he’s very friendly,” explained April. “He was well received at Greenmount and the staff at Lisburn Veterinary Clinic love him - they think he’s got a great personality.”

Indeed, Gizmo is becoming a familiar sight in Lisburn’s Sloan Street where April walks him.

She continued: “He’s not much different to a normal pet really. I’m trying to toilet train him and get him to walk on a lead but he hasn’t really taken to that.”

True to the well known nursery rhyme there’s no chance of this lamb going too far without his owner.

“He is a really good wee thing,” said April.

“He likes to lie down beside me and has proved really good with other family pets and those at the vets.

“He follows me everywhere I go but he wouldn’t go with anyone else.

“He knows his name now and is very close to his wee rabbit toy,” she added.

You can check out Gizmo on Facebook for regular updates on his progress.