Market flourishing 
in town centre

The new market on the Plaza in Lurgan. INLM46-100gc
The new market on the Plaza in Lurgan. INLM46-100gc
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Craigavon Borough Council has refuted claims Lurgan market is losing traders.

A Council spokesperson revealed that when it opened in November 2013 there were 15 stalls and vendors, and that is still the case, with 11 there since the market opened.

She said: “Market trading is a dynamic and evolving retail environment made up of established and casual traders.

“Each week the flourishing market welcomes its established traders as well as some new faces helping to keep the market fresh and vibrant for customers. Over the past year some casual traders have found the market was not the right environment for their business with a couple having since established themselves online and a further two having expanded to business premises.

“The market continues to have 15 stall and vehicle vendors, 11 of which have traded at the market from it began and with Halloween and Christmas approaching Council is happy to welcome applications from National Market Traders Federation vendors.”