Market signs up to the Real Deal Charter

Craigavon Borough Council has become the second local authority in Northern Ireland to sign up its market to the Real Deal Charter.

Council has signed up Lurgan Market to the charter to demonstrate its commitment to safe and fair trading. Council is actively committed to the sale of quality products at the market, keeping sellers of fake goods away.

Mayor of Craigavon, Councillor Mark Baxter commented: “Lurgan Market is a valuable part of our local community and hopefully with the introduction of the Real Deal Campaign this in itself will go a long way to making the Market a vital contribution to the consumer shopping experience in Lurgan.

“This is a cross-sector, partnership initiative; bringing together Trading Standards, Council, Traders, PSNI, Industry Groups, and copyright and trademark owners, all of whom are united with a common commitment to tackling the selling of counterfeit and other illegal products.”

Liz Bales, Director General of the Industry Trust for IP Awareness, which initiated the Real Deal campaign, said: “On behalf of all the stakeholders in the Real Deal, I am delighted that Craigavon Council, Lurgan Market and the trading standards service have joined forces to sign the Real Deal charter and promote its principle of fake-free trading.

“By displaying the Real Deal logo, the market is giving an assurance to shoppers that this is a safe, fair market venue, at which people can find genuine bargains and quality products.

“At the same time, it sends a clear signal to traders in counterfeit goods that they are not welcome here.”