NEO-Nazis have launched a campaign against proposals to build a mosque in Craigavon.

The White Nationalist Party has produced leaflets opposing construction of a mosque in the Bleary area and linking the place of worship to Islamic terrorists.

Sinn Fin group leader Councillor John O'Dowd said the news was 'hardly surprising' given the comments of local Unionist politicians.

He called the planned campaign by the WNP against the planning application an intensification of sectarian and racial outbursts and said the UUP leader should seek the resignation of at least one of his local councillors:

“David Trimble as MP for the area should have long ago publicly distanced himself from his Unionist colleagues whose comments have laid the fertile ground for racists such as the WNP to enter the debate.

“As Ulster Unionist leader, he should also be seeking the resignation of at least one of his local party councillors.

“I would urge the community to show their solidarity with their Muslim neighbours and give no succour to WNP in their openly racist and sectarian campaign.

“A mosque will only enrich the fabric of our society whereas the WNP and the like-minded would only tear that fabric apart.”


The WNP leaflet claims local people want to maintain their Christian traditions but are also fearful of 'Al Quaeda-style terrorists' operating in the area.

The Bleary district, ironically, has suffered more than its share of terrorist murders throughout the troubles but they were carried out by so-called Christians against fellow Christians.

The leaflet refers to Northern Ireland being turned into another Bradford or Birmingham and highlights police raids (sic) on mosques which found 'wanted Islamic terrorists and hardware to be used in planned bombing campaigns'.

Declaring its opposition to the spread of Islamic militancy and other non-British sects, the party states:

“We are proud of our British culture, land and history and we need stability in our nation.

“We do not need mosques, temples or Islamic terrorism here in Ulster.”