New charges for parking

PARKING charges have been introduced at two of the town’s car parks, the DSD have announced.

The charges came into force yesterday (Wednesday).

The car parks affected are at Moore’s Lane and Waring Street.

A DRD spokesperson explained: “On 18 April 2012 Regional Development Minister Danny Kennedy confirmed he intended to complete the Budget 2011 year one review of car park tariffs by introducing charges to the 25 free car parks which were consulted upon last year.

“The completion of the year one review is an essential step towards making car parking services self-funding and to protect critical front-line repair and maintenance services on our roads.

“The Minister also committed to ensuring that some free off-street or on-street car parking would remain as an alternative for motorists in every town.

“Lurgan was one of the towns that benefited when Mr Kennedy announced last year that he would not be proceeding with plans to roll-out on-street parking charges to around 30 towns and cities across Northern Ireland.

“The details of car parking charges have now been finalised for car parks which were previously free, and in Lurgan from 4 July a charge of 30 pence for up to three hours will apply in the Moore’s Lane 2 and Waring Street 3 car parks.

“Over 700 free off-street or on-street car parking places remain at Black’s Court, Moore’s Lane 1 and 3, Alexander’s Square 1 and 2, Lough Road, Foster’s Place, High Street, Wesley Place, Waring Street 1 and 2, and Robert Street.

“Parking restriction notices are clearly displayed at all locations.”