Pot has run dry at Lurgan station

NO money is available for major works on Lurgan Railway Station for the foreseeable future.

Craigavon Council had written to DRD Minister Danny Kennedy to ask if there were any investment proposals planned for Lurgan train station given that it was recognised as the fourth busiest railway station in Northern Ireland.

Members felt that it had not been given the same investment opportunities as other stations throughout the province.

In reply it was pointed out Translink was to implement a signalling upgrade in this financial year.

The letter stated Translink have advised that they have invested around £827,000 in the upkeep and refurbishment of facilities at Lurgan, however, there are no plans or available funding at this time for any major works at Lurgan Railway Station.

The response said: “The need for investment in the station will be reviewed by Translink as it updates and prioritises its plans for capital expenditure and the Minister will ensure that the issue remains high on the agenda for potential investment when feasible.”