Businesses say trade sharply down as road remains closed

Local traders say business has dropped sharply since part of Market Street has been closed following the fire at The Manhattan.

Since the blaze the road has been closed outside the bar and at the War Memorial and church causing massive tail backs and traffic confusion.

Diversions have been put in place via Millennium Way and Roads Service said the road would be closed until the building has been “structurally assessed and made safe.”

Business people are furious claiming that more could be done to open the road and allow through traffic and passing trade.

A spokesperson for HV Taxis said: “It’s a disaster. We have lost a lot of walk in trade. The drivers have lost a substantial income.” The spokesperson added that he did not understand the delay.

Kieran Greene from Ditronics in Market Street said the road closure was having “an adverse affect” on his business and asked why barriers could not be put up outside the building rather than closing the road.

Several other businesses in the Market St area said the road closure was having a detrimental impact on their trade but did not want to be named.

Edward Carroll, NIFRS group commander, said there was extensive damage to the building causing two floors 
to collapse and the roof to 
cave in.

A council spokesperson said: “Craigavon Borough Council’s Building Control Department issued a Dangerous Structures Notice to the owner of the building as the structure is unsafe and as a result the road has been closed. The owner... is currently in the process of securing advice from an engineer and a contractor to make the building safe as soon as possible.”