Calendar of events agreed by Battalion

The Executive of Lurgan Boys Brigade Battalion has agreed a calendar of events for the incoming session.

All units are encouraged to participate as much as possible over the year. Captains will be emailed details shortly.

Several local staff participated in the recent Expedition Assessment Leadership Completion weekend in the Mournes, which has resulted in Level 1 and 2 qualifications after a busy summer of training.

Battalion Advisor Lt George Bibb has also notified companies of a DoE directive that volunteer work within a business environment is prohibited unless a charity organisation.

He has also reminded units of the next compulsory supervisor’s course on October 19.

All companies will have received the local Youth Service Training calender for the new session.

Courses include REC First Aid, Inclusive Games, Disability Awareness, Child Protection Awareness, Promoting Positive Behaviour and Fundamentals in Autism to name just a few.

Staff are encouraged to avail of these important courses where possible.