Call for action after another village accident

race for life
race for life

THE DUP has called for urgent action for traffic calming in Donaghcloney after another accident in the village at the weekend.

Councillor Mark Baxter said he fears someone may be killed.

The councillor said: “We in the DUP have been campaigning for years to see traffic calming in the village of Donaghcloney. We thought we were successful when told the works were to be carried out in the 2010/11 works programme but imagine our disappointment when then told the funds were not available.

“Instead of being top of the list we have been pushed down it. This issue was highlighted to me again after another traffic collision on Friday night in the main street,” said Cllr Baxter saying he heard of four accidents in the past year,” said Cllr Baxter and called for action by the Minister.

The PSNI said they were unaware of an accident last Friday night.

A DRD Roads Service spokeswoman said: “Roads Service appreciates the fact that there is considerable community support for the introduction of traffic calming measures in Donaghcloney. However, given that there are over 100 requests for such measures in the Craigavon Borough Council area alone.

“The Donaghcloney assessment does not rank as highly as some other sites in the council area at this time but whilst not listed on a current work programme it will remain under consideration when preparing future programmes of work.

“Details of any recorded injury collisions are provided by the PSNI and when information is received, the assessment for Donaghcloney will be updated as appropriate.”