Call for some radical change at Stormont

Roy Ferguson - TUV.
Roy Ferguson - TUV.

Radical change must be made at Stormont, a local Assembly candidate has said.

TUV election hopeful Roy Ferguson said, “The revelations surrounding the abuse of Assembly expenses exposed by Jim Allister this week highlights the need for radical change at Stormont and underscores the fact that that change will only come via TUV MLAs.

“When it comes to MLAs fleecing the public or the abuse of public money it always seems to be Jim Allister who is doing work of bringing it out into the open. Why? Because all the other parties have no interest in rocking the boat.

“They are committed to the system which is open to such abuse.

“If the public share Jim Allister’s disgust at the fact that none of the £700,000 claimed by Sinn Fein MLAs and paid to Research Services Ireland has been recovered by the Assembly, and that the Assembly did not seek to recover any of the rent paid by Sinn Fein MLAs to ‘cultural societies’ because a review of the Spotlight allegations ‘confirmed that payments for rent, as reported in the programme, were made for admissible expenditure. As such, no recovery has been sought’ then the only answer is to vote TUV.

“There are a large and growing number of people in Northern Ireland – both unionist and nationalist – who are fast coming to the conclusion that all politicians are only interested in themselves and there is a danger that they simply will not vote.

“However, sitting at home or voting for the same old parties which have done nothing to address issues such as this will do nothing to change things.