Call for stronger council action on fly-tipping

Cllr Louise Templeton on the Derrykeevan Road.
Cllr Louise Templeton on the Derrykeevan Road.

Additional measures to address fly-tipping are needed, with the problem costing ratepayers thousands per year, a local councillor has said.

Councillor Louise Templeton, supported by party colleague Upper Bann MP David Simpson, said there had been numerous reports of dumping throughout the town centre and rural areas.

She said she has asked Armagh City, Banbridge and Craigavon Borough Council to release figures on how much exactly the practice is costing local rate payers, and the impact that this cost is having on local services.

She said, ““Fly-tipping is costing rate payers thousands per year and this stain is not focused on one area.

“It is spoiling our countryside, urban and town centre areas.

“Our local council staff are working tirelessly to address the problem but this is costing the ratepayers and deflecting finances that could be invested in other services.

“We cannot accept a dump and collect strategy; more robust action must be taken to address the problem.”

She added she will be working with Council officers to source a more effective lasting approach to tackle the problem of fly-tipping.

Mr Simpson said, “Government have already taken a number of measures to empower local Councils to help tackle the problem such as introducing fixed penalty notices for small scale offences with larger scale fly-tipping being referred to the Environment agency.

“However, having spoken with a number of people and community organisations within my constituency there is a real feeling that the legislation surrounding fly tipping and littering is just not strong enough.”

“There is a problem that needs to be addressed,” he concluded.