Call to tackle town’s ‘paralytic drunk’ people

The Nekonomination Ireland Facebook page.
The Nekonomination Ireland Facebook page.

Something needs to be done to tackle the alcohol problem in Lurgan, where “people are not able to enjoy themselves unless they’re paralytic drunk”.

That’s the view of SDLP Councillor Joe Nelson who said he has witnessed with horror the scenes in Lurgan at weekends.

He made the comments during a discussion at council about responsible drinking.

“We need a complete review of how alcohol is sold,” said Mr Nelson.

“This is based on what I’ve seen in Lurgan. People are not able to enjoy themselves unless they’re paralytic drunk.”

Joe told how his daughter lived in Sydney, Australia where they are not allowed to buy shots after midnight.

“Perhaps this is something we need to introduce here,” he added.

DUP Councillor Robert Smith said bar staff need to do more to stop people taking part in Neknomination.

He made the comment based on a video he watched on Facebook filmed in a pub in the Portadown area which shows a young woman down a concoction of vinegar, three shots, a bottle of WKD and a quarter bottle of wine then ordering three of her friends to do the same.

Mr Smith was concerned that this had happened up at the bar in full view of bar staff while the person downing the drink was being egged on by other people in the pub.

He said that while publicans have powers to refuse to serve someone who is intoxicated, they also need to be able to refuse to serve someone alcohol if they think it’s going to be used for Neknomination.

DUP Councillor Carla Lockhart commented: “It would surprise you to see some of the people who are participating in this behaviour (Neknomination).”

Sinn Fein Councillor Gemma McKenna who raised the issue of Neknomination with the Policing and Community Safety Partnership said: “Collectively we recognise the seriousness of the problem.

“A number of successful events with young people have taken place and significant work has been carried out with the Health Trust.”