Calls to sort out inconsiderate town parking

Poor and inconsiderate parking is blighting some of Lurgan’s side streets, according to ‘MAIL’ readers.

We recently reported on new parking arrangements for Brownlow Terrace and readers were moved to highlight a number of other parking problems around the town.

Charlie Marks welcomed the Brownlow Terrace move and told us: “It’s near time. They need to look at the parking habits of a lot more people than those parking in Brownlow Terrace, like those idiots that park with two wheels on the footpath.

“Surely anyone from Lurgan knows the streets were not designed for street parking. Plenty of car parking spaces in the town. Absolutely selfish those that are forcing pedestrian with prams or those in wheelchairs onto the road to get past.”

Michael Martin pointed to other streets affected: “Albert Terrace and Mews are terrible for this too, people commuting to Belfast just abandon their cars for the day without any thought given to residents, while these measures are certainly welcomed, the problem will just spread to the surrounding areas now, including Albert Terrace and Albert mews, not to mention Victoria St etc.”

Paula Devlin strongly agreed: “I live in the area and watch these NIR passengers pull in every morning and away round to the train station with their laptops.

“We need a barrier up that only residents can pass through. We’ve been blighted by this issue for years also. No excuse for it, big enough carpark for passengers at the train station!

John Duffy said William Street also needed to be ‘sorted out’ and said: “In just passed it, four cars half on the kerb while a traffic warden stood and had a funny conversation with an offender, ridiculous.”

And Neal Fitzpatrick pointed to an familiar problem “Never mind Brownlow Terrace, North Street is an absolute shambles. People just park wherever they feel like it and justify it by putting on hazard lights. The ‘mistaken’ double yellows from a while ago were no mistake!”