Cameras plan to curb park antisocial behaviour

Councillor Gareth Wilson with one of the Tandragee Recreation Centre staff members.
Councillor Gareth Wilson with one of the Tandragee Recreation Centre staff members.

Security cameras look set to be installed at Tandragee Recreation Centre at a cost of just over £3,500 to tackle the problem of antisocial behaviour, much of it in the play area.

The plan was recommended at a meeting of ABC Council’s leisure and community services committee meeting on Monday.

The committee outlined how recent antisocial behaviour in the play area and surrounding grounds had become increasingly costly for the council.

In August, play park surfacing was ripped up and equipment vandalised, withe repairs costing the council £2,800.

In September, window repairs cost £450 after front door glass and fitness suite glass panels were smashed. Previous costs dated back to July 2015.

The minutes point out that the play park underwent refurbishment in 2008 at a cost of £90,000, but that the park continued to be a place for underage drinking by teenagers on Friday and Saturday nights and holiday times.

The report added, “Although staff do their best to monitor the outside areas it has become too dangerous due to the number of teenagers gathering.

“The PSNI are contacted regularly but due to lack of resources they are unable to respond when requested.”

The plan has been welcomed by Lord Mayor, Alderman Gareth Wilson who pointed out that in recent days a fire was maliciously lit on the embankment overlooking the park, close to homes, but that luckily no serious damage was caused.

He said he would continue to lobby council on the need for a fence around the play park which could be locked after hours.

The CCTV plan still needs to be approved by the full council.