Cameras watching you ... all part of traffic survey

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The mystery of the sudden appearance of a number of cameras at the roundabout connecting the Carn and Seagoe industrial estates has been solved.

The cameras, which were erected today (Monday), will be in place until Friday as part of a traffic survey being carried out by Armagh City, Banbridge and Craigavon Borough Council.

The aim is to gather key information and data on transport moving in and out of the area during the working week.

A council spokesperson said, “The M12 corridor acts as a key gateway to our borough and to a number of significant employers in the area.

“Council is aware of existing infrastructure issues along the Carn and Seagoe areas and as a means to fully understand these issues and prepare for any future pressures, we are undertaking a traffic and transport assessment of the area.”

She added that once the cameras have been removed, council will examine them and analyse the findings.