Camp Rock in town

CALLING all Camp Rock lovers!

Centre Stage Performing Arts Academy have been hosting their very first week long summer scheme with the aim of performing extracts from the smash hit musical Camp Rock this Saturday evening at 7pm in Lurgan Town Hall.

Throughout the week all the kids have been working extremely hard and learning the basics of musical theatre. They have been learning about the art of acting and performing, with the help of drama instructor Jayne McAughtry, they have picked up several dance routines with the help of dance instructor Jenny Abraham and the basics of singing with the help of our singing instructor, Kirstie King.

Speaking to the ‘MAIL’ Thomas Larkham said: “All the kids and tutors alike are having a ball and enjoying every minute of the summer scheme.

“It’s a huge undertaking for a group of kids aged seven to 13 to piece together a mini musical in just five days.

“I cannot wait to Saturday for the show as it will be a fun filled night of fabulous acting, singing and dancing by this great bunch of talented kids.

“So I urge you all to try and make it to Lurgan Town Hall this Saturday evening and support us in what will be a very entertaining evening.”

Tickets are on sale and are priced at £5 per adult and £3 per child and can be purchased from the box office. Contact us on 0750 004 7277 or 0786 750 5564. Alternatively you can visit for more information.