Cannabis in post

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When police seized a Royal Mail package meant for an address in Lurgan they suspected it contained herbal cannabis, Craigavon Magistrates Court heard last Wednesday.

Samuel Todd, Kellburn Road, Doagh, Ballyclare, admitted attempted possession of cannabis between December 27, 2016, and January 28, 2017.

He also admitted unlawful possession of herbal cannabis on July 27 last year.

A public prosecutor said police seized a Royal Mail package they suspected contained herbal cannabis. It was for an address at Colban Crescent in Lurgan.

When the householder and the defendant arrived at the property she said she had ordered herbal cannabis for him as payment for decorating work he had carried out for her.

On July 27 a search was carried out at Colban Crescent and a quantity of herbal cannabis was found. Todd said it belonged to him.

A solicitor representing the defendant Todd had community service and a probation order imposed in Scotland.

For each of the charges he was sentenced to two months in prison, suspended for two years. If the sentences were to be invoked they should run consecutively to each other.