Car targeted in brick and petrol bomb incident

Aaron Dowey at Lime Grove.
Aaron Dowey at Lime Grove.

An incident of attempted criminal damage has been condemned by the local PUP branch.

Local PUP members attended the scene of the incident on Sunday in the Lime Grove area of Lurgan.

Branch members were contacted after a rock and then petrol bomb were thrown at a car parked in the street. No one was hurt and only slight damage was caused to the car.

A PUP spokesman said they were able to liaise between the local community and the emergency services, keeping those in the area informed with details of what was happening helping to ensure the PSNI got all relevant details.

Branch spokesperson Aaron Dowey, who was on the scene on Sunday night, visited the residents again on Monday to reassure them.

Aaron said: ‘Lime Grove is known as being a quiet area and this sort of incident is rare which means it has come as a complete shock to local residents. There are senior citizens as well as young families living around here and they want mindless acts of attempted destruction like this kept away from their otherwise peaceful area’

It’s understood the PSNI took an individual into custody in relation to the incident.