Car vandalism condemned

One of the damaged cars.
One of the damaged cars.

The vandalism of cars in the Brownstown estate in the early hours of Sunday morning has been described as “totally disgraceful” by resident and DUP councillor Darryn Causby.

At least six cars were damaged in the Glandore Terrace/Glanroy Avenue area, with mirrors and wipers being broken.

Around five years ago, the estate was plagued by a series of tyre slashing incidents and Cllr Causby said residents were worried this could be similar.

He said, “Once again the residents of Brownstown have been subjected to another spate of criminal damage and I condemn the actions of these vandals.

“I live in Glandore Terrace where vehicles were damaged and residents are fed up and fearful of these attacks. It certainly does remind us of the spate of tyre slashing that went on for months on end a few years ago and residents are concerned this could be a similar case.”

He added, “People work hard to pay for their vehicles and properties and it is totally disgraceful that these cars have been damaged. I am appealing to the community for vigilance and to report any suspicious activity to the PSNI immediately and I am appealing to the PSNI to ensure adequate resources are deployed in this area to deter any future incidents.”

Police said they had spent a couple of hours “knocking doors to establish the full extent of an infuriatingly mindless, selfish spree of vandalism”.

They said, “These are vehicles people have worked hard to pay for. Mirrors and wipers are safety features and all the victims will have to drive places to get replacements.

“To the local people, we know this has been an issue in the past. Last time we stepped up and there were arrests made over the tyre slashing and be assured that if this becomes habit again, we’ll be there again.”

Anyone who sustained damage to their car and hasn’t yet spoken to police, or anyone with information on the incidents or the culprits is asked to phone 101. The reference number is 419 of 19/03/17.