Care workers were 'amazing'

Care workers were 'amazing'

A BLEARY woman has praised the care workers who helped her and her husband throughout last month's big freeze.

Mildred Martin's 73-year-old husband Healey suffered a stroke in 2003, and has required home help since then.

Mrs Martin, also 73, helps take care of her husband, but fell over and broke her ankle seven weeks ago. As a result, the couple have required more assistance from care workers over the past number of weeks.

"You always see bad news stories in the papers about floods, snow and other things," Mrs Martin said.

"We always hear people complaining in the press about different things, but I wanted to highlight something positive - the hard work of our care workers. I wanted everyone to know how amazing these girls are. When the snow was at its heaviest a few weeks ago, they battled through it to get to our house.

"If they didn't get here, my husband and I would have been stuck in an awful situation. In fact, one of the girls even made it here on Christmas Day. Such is their dedication.

"They are the most marvellous group of women. For them, no job is too big or too small. We are very lucky to have them. They always turn up with a smile on their faces."

Mrs Martin added: "Thank you to all the girls for their hard work and support. We really would be lost without them."