Cat brutally mauled by dogs let off their leads


A man has described his family’s trauma after their pet cat was brutally mauled by dogs near Lurgan Park.

Stephen Crabbe has lambasted irresponsible dog owners who let their animals loose from their cars before bringing them into the park.

His pet cat, little Blackey, had been in a neighbour’s garden last Wednesday morning when two large terriers invaded and ripped him apart.

“It was terrible. My neighbour was in an awful state,” said Stephen who lives in Desmesne Avenue.

He described how he returned home from work to feed Blackie when his neighbour broke the bad news.

“I was distraught,” he said.

“My neighbour described how two dogs were about to enter Lurgan Park by the back entrance at Demesne Avenue when the dogs attacked my cat,” he said.

Stephen said it was common for dogs to be released unleashed from car boots by owners.

“When the person responsible for the dogs eventually managed to restrain the dogs and put their leads on – they expressed sorrow for what had happened,” he said.

“My response would be unfortunately it was ‘Too Little - Too Late’,” said Stephen.

“I believe all people in charge of dogs have a duty to act responsibly at all times or be held accountable for their actions.

“The neighbour in question who witnessed the attack was concerned that their grandchild could have been in the garden at the time of the attack.

“My thoughts are – ‘Cat today, child tomorrow’.

“My wife and I, and the entire family circle have been deeply traumatised and are heartbroken at what has happened to Blackey.”