Cats and dogs causing some messy problems

THE ‘MAIL’ spoke with two local residents this week who have reached the end of their tether in terms of animal mess.

A Lurgan woman complained of dog fouling in the Wood Lane area while a Donaghcloney resident was angry about what he said were cat droppings in Baird Avenue.

The ‘MAIL’ can reveal that while a dog’s owner is liable to be fined for not cleaning up after their pet, cat owners do not face the same rigours of the law when it comes to their pet leaving their mess in public places.

Donaghcloney man John Grafton said: “This has been going on all summer. The cats are leaving a mess four or five nights a week in Baird Avenue.

“They’re coming right up to the doorstep to do it. It’s not the nicest thing to walk out into first thing in the morning.

“We know who owns the cats but they don’t seem interested in doing anything about it.”

The Lurgan woman had a similar issue with dog fouling.

She said: “It’s really bad at Glenview Drive where it turns into Woodford Park and also at the corner of Glenview Park.

“There is actually someone who is walking their dog, lifts the poo, usually in a Tesco bag, and is putting it in the hedges of nearby houses as well.

“It has been going on for years. Most of the time the residents end up lifting it but they shouldn’t have to.”

On the dog fouling issue at Wood Lane a council spokesperson commented: “Council did supply additional dog litter boxes and further signage earlier this year with the Environmental Wardens proactively patrolling this area.

“At present in Craigavon dog fouling comes under the Litter Order which is why the fine for fouling is still £50. This will move to the The Clean Neighhourhoods and Environment Act, when a Dog Control Order is made by Council.”

In terms of the differences in legislation between cats and dogs the spokesperson stated: “Cats are considered to be feral and there is no legislation to deal with them.”

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