Caught urinating on memorial in town

The Millar memorial in William St. INLM41-208.
The Millar memorial in William St. INLM41-208.

After police saw a 34-year-old man urinating on a memorial in Lurgan he was abusive to them and assaulted an officer.

Myles Wolfe, whose address was given as Headington Mews, Lurgan, was given suspended sentences last Wednesday at Craigavon Magistrates Court.

He was given one month in custody for indecent behaviour, three months for assaulting a constable, two months for resisting police and two months for disorderly behaviour.

And the sentences are to run concurrently and were suspended for two 

The court heard that on August 1 the defendant was seen urinating on a memorial beside the Courthouse Bar in William Street, Lurgan.

When police spoke to him he would not give his personal details and told police ‘f—k off you bunch of b—ds’.

As he was being arrested he struck an officer in the throat with his arm and was restrained on the ground where he put his arms under his stomach.

Handcuffs and limb restraints had to be used while Wolfe continued swearing loudly. There were members of the public in the area.

A barrister representing the defendant said he regretted not giving the officer his name and would apologise for his behaviour.

District Judge, Mr Mervyn Bates, said the defendant’s record was some time ago but a previous suspended 
sentence seemed to have an effect so he would deal with him the same way this