Check out the baby bluetits nesting inside a cemetery gate

Baby bluetits
Baby bluetits

Check out these beautiful baby blue tits who are thriving in a nest INSIDE a cemetery gate.

The chicks, who are still very tiny, were discovered this morning by a local photographer.

Baby bluetits

Baby bluetits

Paul Connolly said he was astonished when he heard a sound from the gates and spotted the little nest at the Newline Cemetery in Lurgan.

He explained that they are in the actual gate, in an opening that that the latch would normally go into.

Paul said: “They are in the gate of the new part of Lurgan cemetery

“I was visiting my mum and dad’s grave on my way to work and heard the noise as I was walking through the gate.

“I knew the sound was coming from the gate and was amazed at what I saw.

“I’m no ornathologist but I believe they’re bluetit chicks,” he said.

However he was a little concerned also.

“I am not sure what happens though when the gate gets locked at night as that hole is where the latch slides into,” he said.