Chickens hatch breakout plan in Mourneview


“WHY did the chicken cross the road?” was the question on several people’s lips in Mourneview at the weekend.

To say residents were spitting feathers would be an egg-aggeration, but nonetheless they were crying fowl after a brood of chickens were spotted on the loose in the estate.

It’s understood the birds had been housed at Harrison Nursery School in Lower Toberhewny Lane, but on Saturday night it seems they may have hatched a plan to escape.

The feathered friends were spotted by a number of people in the estate including a few revellers returning home from a function in the area. One man considered bagging one of the birds to do his Sunday lunch, but in the end he chickened out.

Police were spotted rounding up the chickens by a number of people in Mourneview, though no official report of the operation was filed.

Harrison Nursery didn’t wish to comment on the incident though the ‘MAIL’ has established that pecking order was restored with all the chickens being safely returned to their coop at the school.

The question as to why the chickens crossed the road remains unanswered. If you’ve any suggestions the ‘MAIL’ would like to hear from you by text on 84555. Remember to start you text LMCOMMENT followed by a space then your message.