Child killer Robert Black dies in prison

Robert Black
Robert Black

Child killer Robert Black, who was convicted of the murders of four children including local girl Jennifer Cardy, has died in prison.

Black had a history of abducting, abusing and murdering young girls.

His victims were nine-year-old Jennifer Cardy, Sarah Harper, 10, from England, 11-year-old Susan Maxwell and five-year-old Caroline Hogg both from Scotland.

Little Jennifer had been cycling to a friend’s house near her home in Ballinderry when the Scottish van driver abducted her.

After his trial in 2011, Jennifer’s father Andy said: “For the last six weeks we have had to endure and listen to how Robert Black kidnapped, sexually abused and murdered our daughter.

“It has been absolutely horrendous. We heard things that, in all honesty, were not even in our imagination.

“We were confronted with the awfulness of her last few hours and what she had to suffer and it has been truly awful.”

Mr Cardy said the family’s Christian faith had been a source of strength.

Black died of natural causes in Maghaberry prison.

In a statement, the Northern Ireland Prison Service confirmed that a 68-year-old prisoner had died at the high-security jail.

“While this is not being treated as suspicious, the Prison Service has informed the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) Coroner, and Prisoner Ombudsman,” the statement added.

“It would not be appropriate to comment further at this time.”