Children warned over ‘flamethrower’ stunt

Mrs Lynda Currie, principal at Lurgan Junior High School.
Mrs Lynda Currie, principal at Lurgan Junior High School.

Children attending a Lurgan school are being warned over a flamethrower stunt which some students have been reportedly seen carrying out.

The warning follows a social media post in which it was claimed children at Lurgan Junior High School had been spotted trying to set fire to a hedge in Moira.

In a Facebook post it was stated: “Beware, anyone with a kid at Lurgan Junior High.

“I saw a young girl leaving the school a couple of weeks ago using a can of deodorant as a flame thrower. It slipped my mind until I also saw two lads in Moira, I think in Lurgan high uniforms, doing the same, trying to set fire to a hedge.

“I know kids are kids and we probably did worse, but I’d hate to see someone getting hurt.”

Principal at Lurgan Junior High Mrs Lynda Currie said she had been made aware of the issue, which the school is now taking steps to address.

She said: “One of our teachers had reported seeing it on social media and the PSNI are coming to the school to speak to the children next week.”

Mrs Currie went on to appeal to parents with concerns of any kind to report them to the school rather than taking to social media: “We are in the business of learning, talk to us. We encourage our children to use social media responsibly.”

She concluded: “Where I get a complaint, I will act on it if I can.”