Children were not restrained


When he was taking his children to nursery school a Dollingstown man did not have them restrained in the van he was driving.

Trevor Hanna (35), Gilpin Park, Dollingstown, was fined £120 on each of two charges of driving with an unrestrained child under the age of 12.

He was also fined £90 for not wearing a seat belt and given three penalty points.

Craigavon Magistrates Court heard that on April 30 Hanna was seen driving a van onto the Belfast Road, Dollingstown.

He stopped after a short distance and a police patrol noticed he was not wearing a seat belt.

Two children were in the passenger compartment and they did not have booster seats or seat belts.

Hanna said he was only going a short distance. He accepted his mistake and apologised. He had no record.

A solicitor pointed out that the journey involved was across the road.

District Judge, Mr Mervyn Bates, said that if the vehicle had stopped suddenly an object could have been thrown forward and small children could be hurt.