Choir celebrates 90th anniversary

Members of the Lurgan Salvation Army's Singing Choir. INLM1813-10
Members of the Lurgan Salvation Army's Singing Choir. INLM1813-10
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THE Lurgan Salvation Army’s junior choir, The Singing Company, celebrates its 90th anniversary this year.

Over the 90 years many young people from the Lurgan area have enjoyed singing in the choir.

Lurgan Singing Company was formed in 1923 by Commandant Hackett and they have been singing ever since.

Down through the years many well know Lurgan people have been Singing Company leader, such as Jack Mitchell, Olive McBride, Bram Pearson, Yvonne Bentley,

Jennifer Power and Julie-Anne Briggs.

The current Singing Company leader, Rachael Power, comes from a line of leaders as she is the great grand niece of one of the earliest leaders, Fred McCusker and her mother and sister have both taken the role.

At its largest the Singing Company had 45 members and took part in several tours across England.

In recent years the Singing Company travelled to the North of Scotland to perform under the leadership of Karen Hunter.

Carrying on this tradition of performing overseas the Singing Company and Young People’s Band will be visiting Sunderland next year.

Many of the previous members of the Singing Company have gone on to enjoy music and singing, whether that is as part of Lurgan Songsters - senior choir - or other musical avenues.

“We have previous members who have gone on to become professional musicians, composers and music teachers,” said Rachael. “I can attribute a lot of musical ability and my confidence, to singing with the Singing Company from an early age. Performing regularly from the age of seven really helped build my confidence.”

As part of the year of 90th anniversary celebrations the Singing Company have invited another group to come and perform.

Said Rachael: “We are looking forward to the Singing Company from Sunderland Millfield Salvation Army coming on May 4 and May 5.

“We are also planning a reunion on September 29 when we will invite as many previous members as possible to come back, sing together and reminisce over the many fond memories people have of their time in the Singing Company.”

The Singing Company rehearse every Tuesday night from 7pm to 8pm and are always keen to have new members to come and sing with them.

They sing every Sunday morning as part of the worship at Lurgan Salvation Army and have also performed all over Northern Ireland.

“I am very blessed to be working with such a talented bunch,” added Rachael. “We work very hard in our rehearsals and this really pays off every Sunday when we sing during our service and when we perform at other events.

“I think that the Singing Company are looking well for 90 and will hopefully still be a prominent feature of Lurgan life in the next 90 years.”

For more information about being involved in the Singing Company please contact Lurgan Salvation Army on 02838 323222