Chrissy’s success on Country music scene

Chrissy McGrath
Chrissy McGrath

Aged just 19 Chrissy McGrath is already making a name for himself on the Country Music circuit.

And he has sang alongside some of the giants in the industry including Nathan Carter, Philomena Begley, John Hogan, the Benn Sisters and Gary Gamble.

Chrissy grew up listening to country music and rock and roll.

“I sang Elvis songs and impersonated him as well just for fun for the family until my mother and family saw an advertisment for the Kelly Show for Elvis tributes for Elvis’s anniversary,” said Chrisy. “I was seven and now at 19 years old I never lost my gift for singing. I practised and managed my voice just as a hobby, until I posted a video on Facebook. I was contacted by Gary Gamble who asked me to join him one of his Irish tours.

“That is where I learnt how to project my confidence and voice, I always thought my voice was just for entertaiing my family but when I was told by people who made it with their voice I knew I had a chance. When Louise Morrissy asked me to sing with her and many other artists on the tour, I was nervous at first

“When I returned from the tour I decided that I will not let my voice and gift go to waste, so I decided to create a Facebook page. The response was amazing. When I heard that there was live music in JPs bar every night one of the singers there give me the chance to sing with him every Sunday. I wish I will get to use my voice to entertain more people and hopefully get to perform in big venues around the country and globe,”