Cinema needs a pedestrian crossing - MLA

Underpass at Craigavon's new cinema
Underpass at Craigavon's new cinema

Roads Service has no plans for a pedestrian crossing at the new cinema in Craigavon despite concerns that there is potential for accidents.

Despite hundreds expected to flock to the new cinema when it opens on Friday, the Department of Regional Development said because there is currently ‘limited pedestrian activity’ they have no plans to erect a crossing.

Upper Bann MLA Dolores Kelly pointed out that there is only one pedestrian access to the cinmea - the underpass that runs from the court house and called on the DRD to erect a pedestrian crossing.

A local resident has called on Craigavon Borough Council to clean up the underpass which had been in a very poor state of repair and they promptly did so within one day.

The resident said he noticed that this underpass is the only form of safe walkway for pedestrians coming from the Craigavon area getting to the new cinema without having to cross a road. Mrs Kelly said she was calling on the DRD to erect a pedestrian crossing as the cinema is expected to draw huge crowds particularly in the evening.

A spokesperson for DRD said: “As you will be aware there is limited pedestrian activity in the area at present. Transport NI have no plans to erect a pedestrian crossing in the vicinity of the new cinema at the present time. A transport assessment was considered as part of the planning process and the majority of visits to the new cinema are expected to be by car to the new car park on site.

However they said if this is not the case there will be a new assessment for the provision of a pedestrian controlled crossing. “This would mean an investment of approximately £30,000 and would have to be considered in the context of other competing priorities. In the interim, our Operations and Maintenance team will give consideration to the state of the existing pedestrian footways and underpasses in the area, the majority of which are underused at the present time but may come back into vogue with the opening of the new cinema.”