Civic centres all to house ABC

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The new ABC council will be utilising all three civic centres within its area when it finally comes into power next April.

ARMAGH will be the nerve centre in the Primatial City. The Lord Mayor’s Parlour and the Palace will be the centre for welcoming visitors.

BANBRIDGE will be the centre of the new planning responsibilities which are being moved from the DoE to the new 11 so-called super councils.

CRAIGAVON will remain the venue for the monthly council meeting, as the William Mayes Memorial Hall is the sole venue that can accommodate all 41 councillors. A large percentage of the administrative staff will also be centred here.

One of the new councillors is concerned that the super council will be too ungainly.

Councillor Jonny Buckley said, “While it is essential for our new council to inject new life into our major towns such as Armagh, Portadown, Lurgan and Banbridge, it is equally important to deliver for the large rural communities which have in many ways been forgotten.”