Clampdown on speeding

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POLICE are to clamp down on speeding drivers tearing through the village of Derrytrasna.

Local residents have voiced concerns to the PSNI after a spate of incidents recently.

The PSNI is to conduct patrols and check points in the village to directly ‘tackle speeding through enforcement’.

They will also speak to motorists to advise and educate about the dangers of breaking the speed limits.

A PSNI spokesperson said: “Speeding is never acceptable and is one of the biggest causes of collisions on our roads.

“We are asking all motorists to slow down and be mindful of the environment, other road users and pedestrians.

“Our message to motorists is clear, breaking the speed limit can lead to serious injury on the road, and even fatalities. Speed limits are there for a reason and if you do not adhere to the law you could find yourself facing a fine and penalty points on your licence.”