Clever gang take haul of antiques

POLICE believed that a gang of clever thieves with an eye for good quality jewellery, clocks, gold, ,silver and antiques was operating in the Lurgan area in 1986.

Two robberies convinced them that they were dealing with people who knew exactly what it was they were after.

A pensioner’s home was broken into in Flush Place and foreign coins, a silver watch, a gold bracelet and a variety of clocks were stolen.

Later in the week another house in nearby Malcolm Road was raided.

The articles taken included a mahogany framed clock with a glass dome top and rotating bronze spheres, a radio alarm clock and a dark brown quartz clkock with luminous hands.

“They carried the stolen goods away in a white pillow case,” said a police spokesman.

“Whoever it is who is responsible for this, they certainly seem to know what they are doing.

“They are clearly being very selective about their targets.”