Community Outreach Group meeting

THE next meeting of the Community Outreach Group is on Thursday, March 21, at 8pm in St Peter’s Parish Centre, North Street, Lurgan.

“We are breaking new ground at this meeting in that we will have the opportunity of examining the perceptions of the ‘Troubles’ through the eyes of young teenagers, all of whom were born after the Good Friday Agreement,” said a spokesman.

The presentation will be led by Eamonn Fleming who has extensive experience of youth work with the Southern Education and Library Board across the Borough of Craigavon and is presently a Youth Officer with the Lurgan Town Project.

A short film featuring Victoria Flavell, then a student at Lurgan Junior High School, exploring the teaching of the modern troubles of Northern Ireland through the school curriculum, is both challenging and thought-provoking as she seeks the views of her peer group from both traditions and from teachers, academics and ex-combatants.

Everyone is warmly invited to come along to find out about some of the positive outcomes already emerging from this project and to discuss what can be learned from these young people.

Admission is free. People of all ages and background are very welcome and light refreshments will be served.