Commuters unhappy after ‘crush’ at Dublin train station

Sports fans arrived en masse to board the Enterprise service from Dublin
Sports fans arrived en masse to board the Enterprise service from Dublin

Commuters have expressed concern about a potentially dangerous “crush” that happened as sports fans tried to make their way back to Belfast from Dublin on Saturday evening.

Marie Sinnamon had travelled to Dublin after purchasing an Enterprise train service ticket with her husband, Andrew from Lurgan, to watch Liverpool FC play in a friendly match.

On her way home, she became caught up in what she described as a “crush” at Dublin Connolly train station as hundreds of sports fans arrived en masse.

“It was potentially very dangerous,” she said. “We’ve seen what can happen when there’s a crush before and it has the potential to go badly wrong. Children were crying and you could see the dads lifting them up onto their shoulders to keep them safe. There were elderly people there too. It could have gone very badly. It was very scary.”

Ms Sinnamon explained that what appears to have happened is that those responsible for the train service simply hadn’t put measures in place to prevent such a “crush” happening.

In addition to the Liverpool match, large numbers of sports fans had travelled to Dublin from Northern Ireland due to a Gaelic football match between counties Armagh and Tyrone at Croke Park.

Fans of both sports had apparently arrived at the train station at the same time, leading to the crush.

Other unhappy commuters took to social media website Twitter to voice their concern.

One Twitter user wrote: “Children and the elderly were terrified, situation was so dangerous.”

The News Letter contacted Translink but has yet to receive a reply.