‘Con-men’ are targeting homes McGibbon warns

RESIDENTS have been urged to be vigilant following reports of rogue contractors pressurising homeowners to have work carried out at an extortionate rate.

Sinn Fein councillor Johnny McGibbon said he had received reports of rogue callers visiting people’s homes offering to carry out maintenance work.

“It has become apparent following the reports from North Lurgan that a small group of individuals, masquerading as legitimate contractors, are attempting to coerce householders across the Craigavon Borough,” said Cllr McGibbon.

“These people call at houses and imply that there is necessary to be carried out.

“If successful in persuading the householder that they need work carried out they then charge extortionate prices.”

Cllr Gibbon called on people to be alert for these con-men and to be wary of individuals trying to talk them into having unnecessary work carried out.

He also urged people to look out for neighbours, particularly the elderly or those living alone who might be coerced into handing over large sums.

He said: “These individuals are attempting to pressurise people into accepting work they may not necessarily want or need.

“We must look out for those who may be seen as vulnerable, including the elderly and those who live alone, to ensure no else falls victim to this scam.”

He added: “Be careful that you are not being pressurised or overpriced on your doorstep by these small number of rogue contractors.

“If you are told you need work done or if you know that you need it done contact one of the many skilled and fair trades people within the area and they will have no hesitation in putting you in contact with others who can confirm the need for and value of any work that may be needed.”