Concern at drugs discovery

The bag of drugs found outside a house in Beech Court.
The bag of drugs found outside a house in Beech Court.

A bag of drugs was found outside a house in the Shankill estate, prompting a call from a concerned parent for the PSNI to do more to combat unruly teenagers in the area.

The Beech Court resident, who didn’t wished to be named, said the discovery of drugs outside his family’s house is the latest in a long line of ‘torture’.

He said: “It’s the same every weekend. We have people drinking and taking drugs in the alleyway beside our house.

“I reckon the bag I found was mephedrone. It was like powdered white crystals.

“I dread to think if one of my children had found it.

“It looks like sherbet and is in a bag with a wee face on it, so it could be mistaken for sweets. If they’d have tasted it they’d be dead.”

He added: “I haven’t found anything outside the house before but it’s a regular occurrence. Every weekend it’s the same - drinking, taking drugs, smashing bottles and fighting.

“I’ve been in contact with the PSNI on numerous occasions, but you never see them down here.

“I brought the bag of drugs up to the PSNI and they said they would do their best to investigate it.”

He went on: “We’re tortured, especially coming into summer time.

“I heard yesterday that two people broke into a neighbour’s house when he was asleep. They broke in through a bathroom window.

“He woke up and they ran out the front door. They didn’t get anything.

“Personally, I think if the police came down they should take them off the streets and back to their parents to show them what they’re up to.

“The young girls are the worst. You want to hear the foul language out of them. And the aggression. You hear them shouting and swearing and kicking and punching fences.”

Police in Lurgan said they are committed to addressing the use and supply of illegal drugs and antisocial behaviour.

A spokesperson said: “During recent weeks police have been successful in removing a large quantity of steroids out of circulation in the local area as part of Operation Torus.

“Anyone with concerns or issues is asked to contact Lurgan Neighbourhood Polcing Team on 0845 600 8000 so that we can work together to find solutions.”