Concern over broad daylight burglaries

Divine Mercy Centre, Edward Street.
Divine Mercy Centre, Edward Street.

A shop selling religious memorabilia has become the latest target for burglars in the town.

Police have asked for help to find the thieves who stole from the ‘Devine Mercy’ shop in Edward St on Saturday morning.

A spokesperson revealed: “At 9.40am six people entered the shop and, after distracting the shop assistant, it is alleged that £40 was removed from a charity box which was to raise money for the visit of Father Chrisandus Amble from Kenya.

“The six were described as having southern accents and left in a white van. Any information please contact 101 quoting ref: 509 25/07/15.”

And concerns have been expressed following two more burglaries in the town - both taking place in broad daylight at Union Street on Thursday afternoon.

Local Councillor Carla Lockhart was forthright in expressing her concern over the latest incidents, which are said to have taken place between 3pm and 

She said it is a worrying time for home owners, particularly the elderly, and also for businesses given the recent spate of burglaries locally.

Cllr Lockhart said, “I was informed of the burglaries in Union Street not long after they were discovered and it would appear that, in broad daylight, two homes were targeted from the rear of the property with the thieves getting away with belongings and valuables.

“This makes me feel physically sick when I see life time residents targeted in this way and witness first-hand how shook up they are.

“It is disgusting that we live in a society where people would carry out such a low act and take from those who just want to get on about their business.

“There have also been a number of burglaries in Dollingstown recently and the business community has been targeted as well.

“This does nothing to promote and make people feel safe in the area they livein. In fact it does the opposite.”

She went on: “I am very worried about the increase in burglaries in the area and believe that the PSNI need to take seriously this rising trend and aim to tackle 

“I believe the only thing that will deter such happenings is stronger sentencing for those caught and more police officers on the beat.

“Without doubt a more visible presence in policing would help stop this type of activity and I would go as far as to question when last a PSNI officer walked Union 

“I am continuing to work with residents to help set up Neighbourhood Watch but, ultimately, I am calling on our local Policing Team to act and deploy resources to tackle this crime.”