Concern over drug dealers

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Concern has been expressed that the BT payphone in Waringstown is being used as a meeting point for drug dealers.

And the PSNI are to undertake regular checks to clamp down on any of this activity.

Members of Craigavon Borough Council had requested a site meeting with BT regarding the position of the public payphone at Mill Hill, Waringstown.

Councillors Colin McCusker and Carla Lockhart met with a BT representatives along with some local residents.

The residents expressed a keen desire to retain the phone in its present location.

BT said it would not be economically viable to relocate the payphone from which there was only an average of one telephone call per week.

The residents agreed that since BT had taken action to tidy and clean the graffiti from the vicinity there had been no further reports of any anti-social behaviour.

Concern was expressed that the payphone was being used as a meeting point for drug dealers.

It was agreed the payophone would remain at its present location.