Concerns over building site

Police have issued a warning to parents over children trespassing on a building site at the Gilford Road in Lurgan.

Wednesday, 29th August 2018, 6:17 am
Updated Monday, 3rd September 2018, 12:18 pm

They said: “Parents! Do you live near The Hollows on the Gilford Road in Lurgan? Are your little darlings hanging out near the building site there? Is it possible that they are and you’re not even aware?”

They said at the weekend residents and workmen had to chase groups of kids off on several occasions.

They added: “During one incident, our NIFRS south colleagues (Fire Service) were called when kids tried to set fire to a pile of roof insulation. On another occasion, roof tiles were thrown from one of the buildings.

“Around £700 worth of damage was caused, yet when we spoke to the foreman his concern was... that’s right - YOUR KIDS!

“We could very easily have been dealing with fatalities here. Building sites are not play grounds. If a child had fallen, there are any number of things aside from rubble on the ground they could have landed on. At best, a broken neck or back would be expected. That’s a life ruined, if not ended.

“If you know anything about those responsible, call us on 101. The incident number is 288 of 27/08/18.

“If you have even an inkling that your kids could be involved- talk to them, before it’s too late.”

Police said they would be giving the area more attention to prevent further damage.