Concerns over delays at Millennium Way

The Ulster Unionist Party's Ulster Unionist Councillor for Lurgan, Colin McCusker, has lambasted the Department of infrastructure for failing to deliver Lurgan's long awaited Millennium Way project on time.

Tuesday, 27th December 2016, 7:26 am
Updated Thursday, 29th December 2016, 2:58 pm
Councillor Joe Nelson Chairman of LAG Committee, Lord Mayor Councillor Garath Keating, Jerome Burns DAERA and Councillor Colin McCusker

The Lurgan Councillor said: “Back in May of this year, shortly after taking up his post, the Minister visited Lurgan and promised us that Millennium Way would be finished within six months. Then in October we were told it would be completed in early 2017.

“Early 2017, to my mind, is January, not the end of quarter 1. While I accept delays can happen, local people are contacting me and asking why all work on the site had to stop. The site has been empty, with virtually no activity at all since early November.

“I am also prepared to accept that road works in the run-up to Christmas are not popular, but to completely halt the project, and not complete other works that would not have had a detrimental impact on traffic flow, is beyond me.

“Public confidence in the government of this country is at an all-time low, and one way to claw back some credibility would be for Millennium Way to be open no later than the end of February. This should surely this is possible if the right people set their minds to it and delivered some good news for the people of Lurgan.”

In October the department said: “Despite good progress with the construction of the new section of Millennium Way, progress has been slower than expected at both the Flush Place/Gilford Road/Banbridge Road and Millennium Way/Malcolm Road junctions.

“Both junctions contain a significant amount of utility provider equipment and despite considerable advance works the necessary alteration and diversion of this equipment has been protracted and has proved more challenging than anticipated. Works are now expected to complete in Spring 2017.

“TransportNI will continue to work with the construction contractor and utility providers to complete the works as soon as possible and will endeavour to minimise delays during the remainder of the works and in particular the busy Christmas period.”